Frequently Asked Questions

To facilitate your process in thinking about whether or not our Graduate Programs are right for you, please consider these frequently asked questions:

Who are the students in the New Media Literacies and Global Perspectives program?

Our students come from all over the world and from many different fields. Often they seek to apply key concepts of media literacy to their existing job or procure advanced positions by earning their Master's Degree or Graduate Certificate. Our students include teachers in both public and private PreK-12 schools, universities, and community colleges. They also comprise individuals working in both the public and private sectors of health, youth media, and web-based digital media production and communications. Our students have backgrounds in the Arts, Sciences, Education, Technology, and Health.

How long will it take to complete the program?

Graduate students in the Master's Degree program take two 3-credit hour courses per semester, in turn completing the total 36-hour program in roughly two years. Yet, while this pace is recommended, the graduate school allows a student up to 7 years to complete a degree. However, it is important to keep in mind that courses are offered in sequence. If a student needs to 'stop out' to return later, he/she may have some delays waiting for the courses in sequence again.

How much will it cost?

Tuition fees are set by the state legislature, not the university. Information about tuition and program costs may be found by visiting Appalachian State University's Distance Education website at

Is there financial support?

Student Accounts at Appalachian State University offers information regarding financial support and payment plans. Please visit for more information. Also, financial aid information can be found at the Financial Aid office site by visiting:

What types of classes would I be taking?

A sample list of courses in the program of study would include: New Media and Emerging Literacies, Media Influence and Identity Across Cultures, Instructional Technology, Design and Development of Digital Media, Multimedia Production, Emerging Issues and Trends, Digital Photography and Imaging, Non-fiction Film and Video, and a variety of other production course or arranged studies.

Can I transfer credits?

Incoming students may transfer up to 9 hours of transfer credit with the following stipulations: (a) credits must be graduate level from an accredited institution, (b) credits must be from a course no older than 7 years, (c) credits must be relevant and appropriate for our program, (d) credits must be provided to Appalachian University's Graduate School via an official transcript. More details may be found by visiting the Graduate School FAQ.

What is the student-faculty ratio?

We limit our cohort numbers to maintain a relatively small program in order to foster interactivity and a close community of learners. Each cohort is typically between 15-25 students at any given time. This provides opportunities for close contact with fellow students, faculty, and advisors.

What do graduates of the program continue on to do?

Graduates of our program have continued on with various careers in education and health professions, including work in PreK-12 teaching, community college teaching, and higher education in various content areas and disciplines. Some graduates have moved on to work in media production, web development ventures, and advertising. In addition, some graduates of our program have gone on to doctoral programs in educational media, technology, and related areas in digital media and multiple literacies.

Does this program lead to a North Carolina Teaching Licensure?

This program does not lead to a North Carolina Licensure.